Chinese Brand reveald BYD Dlophin EV car price in Japan - Global News

Chinese electric car making Giant BYD set it's Dolphin car price in japan providing a hard rivalry to the Japanese Electric car makers, The BYD is the same brand who sells his products the American electric car brand tesla.

Japanese car makers are ruling the auto market all over the world, but in china they're getting a toughe competition by Chinese car brands, now the competition for Japanese car makers is spreading to from china to the homeland japan,as Recently we heard that China has surpassed Japanese auto makers in china, we may see the same scenerio in their home land japan.

Now the sales number of japanese electric car makers too are expected to be down in next some months in japan becaus Chinese electric car maker BYD has reveald prices of its Dolphin Electric car, the company has told that the BYD Dolphin Electric car's base variant is priced at 3.63 Japanese yen which is approx 24,565.20  20,42,942.75 Indian rupees approx, the long range premiuim variant of BYD Dolphine is priced at 4.07 million Japanese Yen, if we convert then it is 27,386.29 US dollars and 22,77,100.02 indian rupees.

The one variant of the BYD Dolphin EV car 60Kilowatt battery, the piwer figures we got to know is that the car Produces around 201 brake horse power and 290 newton meters of torque, the top speed of the car is 160 kilometers per hour and it can achieve from 0 kilometers per hoyr to 100 kilimeters per hour of speed in just 7 seconds, The car comes with four riding modes which include Normal Mode, Economy mode, Sport mode and snow mode, the car comes with 11 kilowatt AC Three phase charger which charges it's battery from 30% to 80% in just 29 minutes, the 60watt battery pack is able to provide 427 kilometers of drive range once fully charged, the another 44.9 kilowatt battery pack provides drive range of 310 kilometers per charge.

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